Charitable work

PJB Interiors donate items to Newlife the Charity for Disabled Children which not only diverts items and materials from ending up in landfill, but is used to provide thousands of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK with the life-changing equipment they desperately need.

Providing furniture and more

PJB Interiors sends furniture used for show homes and unused fabric to Newlife to be resold, recycled, or reused for a different purpose. Products are sold in one of Newlife’s seven stores across the UK – with every penny raised going directly towards changing a child’s life through Newlife’s core charitable services.

Newlife is the UK’s largest children’s charity provider of specialist disability equipment and has helped more than 22,750 children. Newlife’s Equipment Grants Service ensures that the right equipment is provided at the right time. Newlife also runs the UK’s only Emergency Equipment Loans Service, loaning essential equipment to children in crisis anywhere in the UK in just 72 hours.

Newlife also runs a free Nurse Helpline which gives families confidential support and information, provides free loans of specialist toys in Play Therapy Pods, has invested more than £15 million in medical research into the cause, prevention and treatment of birth defects, and campaigns for the rights of disabled children and their families.

Reuse or recycle

All items donated to Newlife by PJB Interiors are assessed to see how they can be diverted from landfill by being re-sold in one of Newlife’s stores or broken down and re-purposed wherever possible, which is great news for the planet.

Any items that are unable to be sold are broken down to recycle the raw materials, honouring the energy that has gone into making the product in the first place.

Mrs Sheila Brown OBE, co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of Newlife, says:

“Every time PJB Interiors send those products to Newlife, it starts a journey that will make a world of difference. 

“Each item can make a huge difference to the lives of disabled and terminally ill children across the UK, as every penny raised in our stores goes directly towards funding Newlife’s core charitable services.

“All children have the right to be free from pain, to learn and develop and fulfil their potential. Having the right equipment at the right time makes that happen, and if it was your child, you would want the best for them.

“Thousands of children rely on Newlife to get the equipment they desperately need, which is why the support of donors such as PJB Interiors is so invaluable.

“Instead of items becoming waste, they are an integral way to help provide disabled and terminally ill children across the UK get the equipment they need.”